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2020 International Loon/Diver Symposium
2020 International Loon/Diver Symposium

Community Engagement

As an iconic symbol of northern wilderness, loons have long inspired artists and naturalists alike. We hope to foster community engagement throughout the 2020 International Loon/Diver Symposium by holding several events that will be open to interested members of the public.


Citizen Science Workshop

Monday, October 19
3:30 - 4:30 pm
Led by Nancy A Sheehan, Citizen Science Coordinator, Journey North, UW-Madison Arboretum

Journey North is a citizen science program that engages an international audience in tracking wildlife migrations and seasonal changes. 

Tracking spring migration of Common Loons was initiated in 2000. Journey North encourages citizen scientists to submit their first spring observations of Common Loons. Currently, 5,704 observations have been entered into the Journey North database and can be viewed on spring migration maps. Journey North also offers a wide selection of inquiry-based educational materials which cover such topics of characteristics, life cycle, ecology and conservation of Common Loons.

The public is invited to join this session to learn about Journey North and how to participate in tracking Loon migration. Please email to register.


Keynote Speaker and Banquet

Monday, October 19
6:00 - 8:00 pm

A catered dinner will be served at The Westin on Monday night during an address from our keynote speaker, William Moomaw, Ph.D., Co-director of the Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University. 

Dr. Moomaw is a world-renowned expert on climate change, an issue that affects every aspect of the natural world. He began working on climate change in 1988 as the first director of the climate program at World Resources Institute in Washington. A dynamic speaker, he will share valuable insights on how we can all work toward a sustainable future. 
Community tickets for this event will go on sale June 1st. 

Poster Session and Social

Tuesday, October 20
4:00 - 7:00 pm

Learn about specific research projects and conservation initiatives from conference participants during our scientific poster session. Hosted by Jay Mager.


Silent Art Auction

Monday and Tuesday, October 19-20

Our Conserve the Call artwork features the five species of loons that will be at the center of the 2020 International Loon/Diver Symposium. All artwork will be auctioned and proceeds will be donated to loon conservation efforts. This unique collection of loon-inspired art was exhibited alongside the A Critical Balance collection at the Portland Public Library Lewis Gallery in 2019.

The Conserve the Call art will be on display throughout the symposium.


Exhibition Booths

Monday and Tuesday, October 19-20

Exhibition booths will be open to the public during the community events above.

Photo Credits: Header photo: Common Loon in flight © Daniel Poleschook.
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