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Bands on the right leg of this adult Common Loon are a unique identifier, allowing the bird to be tracked annually.
Photo © Daniel Poleschook

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Click Here to Adopt a LoonWhen you Adopt a Loon, you help support BRI’s efforts to band and monitor these magnificent birds. Much can be gained by tracking banded individuals. Field observations on unmarked populations have provided general knowledge, however, to more fully understand the species, marked individuals must be followed over time.

BRI has captured and color-marked more than 3,000 loons in 22 states and provinces. Through this effort, loons have now become the foremost species studied to determine the exposure and effects of mercury across North America.

What We've Learned from Banded Loons

Understanding loon life history is critical to conservation strategies. Information we’ve discovered through tracking individual loons includes:

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The adoption process is quick and simple. Click here to sign up. Once you do, you will receive a packet that includes:

Above: The gray contour feathers begin to replace down on this banded 6 week old chick. Photo © Daniel Poleschook
Below: This same banded chick, now at 13 weeks of age, is able to fend for itself, and fully capable of flight. Photo © Daniel Poleschook