Nina Schoch, D.V.M.

Photo © S. Lowe

Director of the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation

Phone: (207) 887-7160 x 145
Fax: (207) 887-7160

Nina has a deep and enduring passion for conservation and natural history, evidenced by more than two decades of experience in veterinary medicine, wildlife rehabilitation, and wildlife conservation. She works actively to share this passion and encourage others to become involved.

Her work spans a variety of programs--from spending nights capturing and sampling loons for health and contaminant evaluations, to establishing BRI’s Wildlife Health Assessment Program, Nina is excited to be involved in the fascinating fields of wildlife health, conservation medicine, and environmental toxicology. During the summer, she is often found on the water surveying and capturing loons throughout New York’s six-million acre Adirondack Park. Throughout the year, she spends much time educating the public about loon ecology by giving presentations, writing general audience articles and reports, developing school curricula, and hosting field excursions. She is thrilled that her work contributes to enhancing the health of the environment and its wild inhabitants.

In her role as director of the Wildlife Health Assessment Program, she provides ecotoxicology and conservation medicine expertise, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the biotic response to environmental pollutants and expanding awareness of the interconnections of human, wildlife, and ecosystem health.

Nina’s research has focused on Adirondack Common Loons as a sentinel species to better understand the impact of environmental contaminants on aquatic ecosystems. She has coordinated studies to learn more about the natural history of Adirondack loons, including their migratory patterns and population trends, and the effect of contaminants on the health and reproductive success of the Adirondack loon population.



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