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Lauren Gilpatrick, B.S.
Lauren holds "Brunswick", a Snowy Owl captured in Maine as part of Project SNOWstorm.

Lauren Gilpatrick, B.S.

Certified Wildlife Biologist

A native Mainer, Lauren is an accomplished outdoorswoman and an all-terrain biologist experienced in surveying wildlife by land, sea, and air. She is known to wander for birds and has traveled throughout the lower 48 states in the pursuit of all things feathered. With 10 years of field experience, she has conducted a variety of surveys for birds and bats for pre-construction wind energy projects, worked on road ecology research, and conducted extensive small mammal live trapping and tracking.

Lauren spent six years as the permit and band manager at BRI, responsible for managing BRI’s complex array of various state, federal, and international scientific collection permits and she also maintains the band inventory and banding data.

Lauren volunteers her time for conservations efforts. She is the past president of the Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society. She is also the founder of a sticker company, called Burly Bird, which produces bird decals to raise money for and awareness of bird conservation.


  • B.S., Wildlife Biology, University of Montana, Missoula, 2005


  • Certified Wildlife Biologist, The Wildlife Society

Expertise and Experience

  • Seabird surveys
  • Raptor migration
  • Breeding bird surveys
  • Threatened and endangered species monitoring
  • Travel logistics
  • Scientific collection permit management
  • Preparation of wild game

Research Interests

  • Short-eared Owl demographics in Maine
  • Raptor migration
  • Seabird ecology and migration

Journal Articles

  • Hawkwatching Ravens, a short story in an enhanced edition of Crows: Encounters with the Wise Guys of the Avian World, by Candace Savage. Greystone Books.
  • Gilpatrick, Lauren. 2012. – a collection of stories and photographs from the field.

Photo Credits: © Scott Weidensaul
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