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Sofia de la Sota, M.S.

Sofia de la Sota, M.S.

Fisheries Ecologist


A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sofia adds a South American element to BRI’s international dynamic.She began her career in molecular biology, diagnosing avian influenza and Newcastle’s disease in poultry through the organization SENASA, Argentina’s National Animal Health Service. Her work soon led her southwest, to the Argentine Patagonia. There, on the Alicura reservoir, she teamed up with a group of biologists to conduct epidemiologic surveys on trout and salmon species, until her curiosity and sense of adventure took her across the seas to the tropical island of Maui, Hawaii.

In between snorkeling, scuba diving, and meeting the love of her life (a Maine native, now her husband), she volunteered with the Department of Land and Natural Resources to conduct reef fish surveys on Kahekili Beach, West Maui. When her husband’s work sent them East, she brought her skills and talents to BRI, joining the Tropical Program as a lab tech. Now, she lives on the Atlantic Coast, has easy access to the northern mountains, but fulfills her need for warmth by working in the tropics.


  • M.S., Ecology, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2008
  • B.S., Biology, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2005

Expertise and Experience

  • Two years of experience in molecular biology analyzing poultry for avian influenza and Newcastle disease.
  • Three years in field conservation biology surveying coral reefs in West Maui, HI.

Research Interests

  • Design and implementation of a multi-taxa research project to analyze the levels of heavy metals found in Hawaii’s coral reef ecosystems
  • Laboratory and statistical analysis of mercury and other heavy metals in biotic systems
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