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Wildlife Research and Field Biologist
Robby Lambert, B.S.

Robby Lambert, B.S.

Marine Bird Program Specialist

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Robby spent his youth in Topsham, Maine, working most summers on a local farm. Throughout his high school years, he participated in a volunteer program called SERVE Maine, where he was assigned to perform odd jobs on Swan Island in Richmond. In his first year there, he met a local ornithologist who invited him on a hike and introduced him to birding. That day, June 25, 1990, when Robby observed his first Yellow Warbler, he knew he had found his passion.

Since then, he has worked throughout North America capturing, identifying, banding, and tracking a variety of bird species. He enjoys the challenges of fieldwork, having spent time in a range of ecosystems including the mountains of the Eastern Sierra in California, to the prairie potholes of North Dakota, to the island seabird colonies in the Gulf of Maine. His varied experience doesn’t end with birds; he has also worked with mammals, such as deer and Maine black bear.

Robby began his career with BRI as a seasonal biologist. In 2010 he joined the staff full time as a site coordinator for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill NRDA project, working in the Gulf of Mexico. Currently, he is the lead bird bander at BRI’s migratory banding station at River Point Conservation Area in Falmouth, Maine. He is also assigned to other projects, including high definition video analysis for the Mid-Atlantic Baseline Studies Project, acoustical analysis for migratory studies, and site evaluation for BRI’s wildlife habitat planning program.


  • B.S., Wildlife Ecology, University of Maine, 2010

Expertise and Experience

  • 20 years experience as a field biologist
  • Experience with protocols regarding species handling, data collection, identification and organization
  • Experience identifying and analyzing acoustic data using RavenPro bioacoustic software
  • Familiarity with and experience working in various habitats, plants and animals of North America

Research Interests

  • Bird migration
  • Seabird ecology
  • Habitat planning
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