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Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Studies: Media Library
Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Studies: Media Library

Resources for Journalists

Please join us on November 17 for an in-depth informational webinar. To set up interviews or to request further information, please contact our communications department directly.

Deborah McKew, Communications Director


NEWS Release

BRI Announces the Results of its Mid-Atlantic Baseline Studies Project to Assess the Distribution and Abundance of Wildlife along the Eastern Seaboard

Portland, ME—Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI) and collaborators announce the results of a three-year, multi-state project that fills significant ecological data gaps on bird, marine mammal, and sea turtle distributions and movements. The goal of this project, one of the largest of its kind ever conducted, was to improve the understanding of species composition and use of the mid-Atlantic marine environment in order to inform sustainable offshore development in the mid-Atlantic United States, from Delaware to Virginia.

Download the complete NEWS Release here.


Summary Presentation

The Mid-Atlantic Baseline Studies Project provides comprehensive baseline ecological data and associated predictive models and maps to regulators, developers, and other stakeholders for offshore wind energy. This knowledge will help inform the siting and permitting of offshore wind facilities on the mid-Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf.

Download the summary presentation here.


From the U.S. Department of Energy

Innovative Study Helps Offshore Wind Developers Protect Wildlife

By Jocelyn Brown-Saracino
Environmental Research Manager, Wind and Water Power Technologies Office

Thanks to a first-of-its-kind in-depth study of wildlife distribution and movements, the nation’s Eastern Seaboard is better prepared than ever for offshore wind energy. Funded by the Energy Department and several partners, the collaborative Mid-Atlantic Baseline Studies Project helps improve our understanding of many birds and aquatic animals that live in the Mid-Atlantic and how they interact with their marine environment, promoting more sustainable offshore wind development.

Read full story here.



High Resolution Images for Reprint

Below is a sampling of high resolution images available for journalists to reprint. All images are copyrighted. Description and photo credit can also be found in the metadata for each image. If you require additional images or art published in our report materials, please contact our communications department directly.

Science Communications Booklets


Download Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Studies: Distribution and Abundance of Wildlife along the Eastern Seaboard 2012-2014. This 32-page summary publication explores aspects of the mid-Atlantic ecosystem; describes our survey and analytical approaches; and presents a range of results, featuring several case studies on specific species or phenomena.

Download Wildlife Studies Offshore of Maryland, an 8-page summary booklet that focuses on research conducted offshore of Maryland's Atlantic coast.

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