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Tropical Program: ASGM and Mercury
Tropical Program: ASGM and Mercury
Guidelines for Countries with ASGM


BRI scientists will present draft recommendations for the National Action Plan at the INC6 meeting in Bangkok, Thailand



UNEP ASGM Partnership

Natural Resources Defense Council

National Action Plan

Updating the Existing Guidelines for National Action Plans on ASGM

Article 7 of The Minamata Convention on Mercury stipulates that countries with ASGM activities in their territories must develop a National Action Plan outlining steps that will be taken to reduce, and where feasible eliminate, mercury use in the ASGM sector. BRI is working with the Natural Resources Defense Council and a team of experts in mining and policy development to provide recommendations for the development of National Action Plans that reflect current requirements under the Minamata Convention.

Project Overview

BRI and NRDC will develop recommendations for a guidance document on National Action Plans that will be provided to the United Nations Environment Programme. The process for developing the guidelines includes:

  • Review UNEP's guidance document on National Strategic Plans for ASGM and identify areas that need updating and expansion in order to better reflect the language of the Minamata Convention;
  • Host a workshop with experts in the fields of ASGM and international policy development to review recommendations and provide additional input for the development of the guidelines;
  • Circulate for comment to members of UNEP's ASGM Partnership Group for review and comment;
  • Provide a draft document to UNEP consideration as an Information (INF) Document at the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Mercury (INC6) to be held in Bangkok, Thailand (3-7 November 2014);
  • Present the draft guidelines to delegates at INC6 for consideration.
Workshop on National Action Plan Guidelines


BRI and NRDC hosted a 3-day workshop with experts on ASGM and international policy development. During the workshop, attendees provided feedback on each section of the draft guidelines. Attendees included representatives from the Artisanal Gold Council, BanToxics, University of British Columbia, U.S. EPA, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and the U.S. Department of State.
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