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Events: 2019 International Loon/Diver Symposium
Events: 2019 International Loon/Diver Symposium

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Spotlight on Loons

BRI will host the 2019 International Loon/Diver Symposium. Our goal for this meeting is to bring together researchers, conservationists, resource managers, and loon enthusiasts to share knowledge and expertise.

In today’s complex world, important environmental choices depend on our ability to gather accurate data from different perspectives, synthesize that information, and offer viable solutions. BRI strives to build partnerships across North America and globally to achieve research study goals and a greater awareness of loon species worldwide.

Invitation to Attend


2019 International Loon/Diver Symposium
October 30 through November 1, 2019
Westin Portland Harborview Hotel, Portland, Maine

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Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend

Loon researchers and conservationists, state and federal employees, wildlife rehabilitators, and students from across the globe. 

Building upon the success of the 2014 Loon Symposium at Northland College, the 2019 conference aims to be a comprehensive meeting that encompasses all five loon species: Arctic Loon (also called the Black-throated Diver); Common Loon; Pacific Loon (pictured left); Red-throated Loon; and Yellow-billed Loon.

Symposium Program

Symposium Program

The Steering Committee is developing a detailed itinerary for the conference. Planners hope to include sessions on each of the five loon species. We will post conference updates as information is available. Sign up for email updates below. And, please spread the word to your colleagues.

NEW: We are planning a Special Session on Grebes

In addition to loon events, we plan on offering a special session on grebes for the scientific and conservation community. Stay tuned for updates on the grebe section of the program.

Engaging the Community

Engaging the Community

The charismatic loon has long captured the imagination of artists, storytellers, and myth makers. Our loon conservation awareness campaign links science and art in a program of events titled Listen for the Call: A Year with Loons to Inspire ConservationWe invite the public to share in the magic that the loon inspires with the hope that greater awareness will aid in conservation efforts.

 Visit here for more information on loon symposium community events. 
Sponsors and Collaborators

Sponsors and Collaborators

This Symposium would not be possible without the contributions of sponsors and collaborators who make conservation a priority. 

Loon/Diver Symposium Sponsors 

We would like to thank our event sponsors and collaborators for their hard work and generosity! Click here to view a full list of the 2019 Symposium sponsors and Steering Committee. 

How to Become a Sponsor

Visit here to learn about sponsorship opportunities for the 2019 International Loon/Diver Symposium.



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Vincent Spagnuolo, Chair
Symposium Planning Committee
Photo Credits: Header photo: Daniel Poleschook; Red-throated Loon with satellite tag © BRI-Jonathan Fiely; BRI researcher working on Pacific Loons in Russia © BRI-Lucas Savoy; Nesting Yellow-billed Loon in Alaska © BRI-Carrie Osborne Gray; Red-throated Loon in breeding plumage © Ken Archer; Arctic Loon (also known as Black-throated Diver © Natures Moments-uk/Shutterstock; Vincent Spagnuolo in the field © BRI-Michelle Kneeland.
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