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BRI in the News
BRI's work on mercury in songbirds has been in the news recently including an article in National Geographic Online. Pictured here is a Yellow Warbler.

BRI in the News

BRI news stories have appeared in many regional, national, and international news outlets. These stories help promote awareness of our work but also promote the general issues of conservation biology and the need to continue research in wildlife health and its implications to human health.

BRI's researchers are available to talk to journalists and provide expert information on both the work we do and the broader topics of their expertise. 

For more information, visit our page on Resources for Journalists.

News Archive

Mar 13, 2017

BRI Biologist Lauren Gilpatrick Recognized by The Wildlife Society

BRI wildlife biologist Lauren Gilpatrick was presented with the 2017 Award of Meritorious Service from the Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society on March 9, 2017.

The Award of Meritorious Service recognizes contributions of a Chapter member that have resulted in direct or indirect benefit to wildlife resources in Maine, and is presented to no more than two recipients each year. Lauren was recognized for her long standing commitment to wildlife and natural resource conservation in Maine, as well for her service to the Chapter. 

Left: Lauren Gilpatrick, recipient of the Award of Meritorious Service, alongside Charlie Todd, recipient of the Award of Professional Achievement at the Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society Awards Ceremony, March 9, 2017. Right: Lauren's award, featuring a picture of a Snowy Owl, emblematic of her work with Project SNOWstorm.
Photo Credits: Yellow Warbler © Ken Archer.
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