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BRI in the News
BRI's work on mercury in songbirds has been in the news recently including an article in National Geographic Online. Pictured here is a Yellow Warbler.

BRI in the News

BRI news stories have appeared in many regional, national, and international news outlets. These stories help promote awareness of our work, but also promote the general issues of conservation biology and the need to continue research in wildlife health and its implications to human health.

BRI's researchers are available to talk to journalists and provide expert information on both their work and the broader topics of their expertise. 

For more information, visit our page on Resources for Journalists.

News Archive

Oct 15, 2018

BRI Announces Publication of a State-of-the-Science Review of Mercury Biomarkers in Humans

In collaboration with mercury researchers from around the world, BRI's review article, "A State-of-the-Science Review of Mercury Biomarkers in Human Populations Worldwide between 2000 and 2018," was recently published in Environmental Health Perspectives

The review article summarizes peer-reviewed literature reporting mercury concentrations in human hair, blood, and urine from over 330,000 indiviudals from 75 countries around the world. The review identifies four broad populations of concern, and highlights the importance of continued biomonitoring - especially in geographic regions and subpopulations with limited data - in light of certain stipulations in the Minamata Convention on Mercury. 

Click here to read the full article.

Photo Credits: Yellow Warbler © Ken Archer.
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