Outreach & Education

BRI is committed to outreach and education about our research findings. Throughout our history, we have placed our results in the hands of citizens and policy makers to inform decision-making. BRI data has been used to inform discussions on an array of issues including environmental mercury contamination, contaminants in birds, wind power development, loon preservation and management, and much more.

Our wildlife webcams have reached millions of viewers around the world and offer a unique glimpse into the lives of nesting birds. Our blogs and online community chat room help us to share insights and relevant information about the species that we feature.

Also, join us at BRI's Annual Spotlight on Ecoscience, where we host world-renowned scientists for public presentations on topical environmental issues.

Perhaps our largest team of educators is our field research staff—dedicated biologists who frequently engage citizens about their work in the field.

Outreach to Policy Makers

While society struggles to maintain a clean and healthy Earth, the powerful and neutral tool of science has been underutilized. BRI is part of a paradigm shift to change the interplay of science and decision-making. Our scientists are uniquely qualified to translate scientific data into usable information for policy makers and stakeholders as they grapple with the daunting environmental challenges of our day. For example, BRI led the successful compilation and release of mercury-related findings in a special issue in the scientific journal, Ecotoxicology. As part of that release, testimony was provided through scientific presentations to both U.S. Senate and House science staffers on Capitol Hill. Legislation from this effort has resulted in Senate and House bills for a National Mercury Monitoring Network.

Mercury Connections Report

Mercury Matters

For the General Public

BRI is a leader in creative, interactive education and works to personalize wildlife issues for students, educators, and the public. We connect people to wildlife and ecological science in the following ways:

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Field Excursions and EcoTours

Observe our field research in action through day outings that offer a unique chance to meet BRI program directors and staff and learn first-hand about our research methods and results.   
Experience a week in the field on a tropical adventure.