Laboratory Capabilities

Mercury Lab Manager

Kevin Regan
207.839.7600 x107

Kevin Regan in the BRI Mercury Lab

After a decade researching mercury contamination in wildlife, BRI established its own mercury lab. Samples, analyzed for total mercury, provide mercury concentration (in parts per million) in feathers, fur, blood, muscle biopsies from fish, talon tips, whole mollusks (mussels and snails) and arthropods (insects, spiders, and amphipods).

In addition to its own laboratory capabilities, BRI has established relationships with distinguished labs around the country for specialty work:

Species Most at Risk to Mercury Exposure

  • Common loon*
  • Ivory gull
  • Rusty blackbird*
  • Saltmarsh sparrow*
  • Florida panther
  • Indiana bat*
  • Great hammerhead shark*
  • Walleye
  • River otter*
  • Wood stork

* BRI research includes these species

Mercury and Metals

Stable Isotopes