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Wildlife Research and Field Biologist
Julia Gulka, M.S.
During her master's research in Newfoundland, Julia deployed GPS tags on common murres to study their foraging behavior.

Julia Gulka, M.S.

Marine Biologist


Julia has studied seabirds and songbirds across the globe, from shearwaters and wrens in Australia, to a multitude of seabird species in the Gulf of Maine and northeastern Newfoundland. 

Julia earned her masters degree at the University of Manitoba in 2018, studying the foraging ecology of seabirds. She joined BRI in 2018, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to BRI's Marine Bird, Songbird, and Wildlife and Renewable Energy Programs.


  • M.Sc. Biological Sciences. University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. 2018.
  • B.A. Conservation Biology. Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT, USA. 2013.

Expertise and Experience

  • Extensive seabird research including:
    • GPS, geolocator, and satellite tagging
    • Behavioral observations
    • Population censusing (point counts, transects, and occupancy counts)
    • Sample collection (blood, feathers, and diet)
    • Boat-based surveys for abundance and distribution
  • Mist-netting and banding songbirds
  • GIS analysis 
  • Hydroacoustic fish surveys

Research Interests

  • Seabird movement, behavioral ecology, trophic relationships, and conservation

Presentations and Posters


Piludu, N., E. Jenkins, Gulka, J., and E. Kovacs. 2018. First hand-rearing and translocation of Vulnerable Yelkouan shearwaters, Puffinus yelkouan, in Malta. J. Wildlife Rehab. 37(3): 7-14.

Gulka, J., and G.K. Davoren. 2018. Dietary niche dynamics of two alcids in northeastern Newfoundland under varying prey availability. Oral Presentation. American Ornithological Society.

Gulka, J., R. Ronconi, and G.K. Davoren. 2018. Impacts of prey availability on the foraging behavior and diet of two alcids in northeastern Newfoundland. Oral Presentation. Pacific Seabird Group.

Gulka, J., and G.K. Davoren. 2018. Individual specialization in the foraging behavior of common murres.Oral Presentation, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba.

Gulka, J., P.C. Carvalho, E. Jenkins, K. Johnson, L. Maynard, and G.K. Davoren. 2017. Dietary niche shifts of multiple marine predators under varying prey availability on the northeast Newfoundland coast. Frontiers in Marine Science 4:324.

Gulka, J., G.K. Davoren, R. Ronconi. 2017. High individual variation in the foraging ecology of breeding common murres. Oral Presentation. Pacific Seabird Group.

Gulka, J. and E. Jenkins. 2016. The fascinating lives and uncertain fate of seabirds. Public oral presentation. LocalConservation Committee, Cabot, Vermont.

Gulka, J. and E. Jenkins. 2014. Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge 2014 Season Report. Submitted to Project Puffin. 38 pgs.

Bering, J., A. Borah, Gulka, J., C. Koch, A. Shawler, and M. Sweeney. Preventing the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species into Lake Champlain. Middlebury College. 92 pgs.

Grants, Awards, and Fellowships

  • Young Explorers Grant. National Geographic, 2017-2018
  • Student Travel Award. American Ornithological Society Conference, 2018
  • Best Student Paper Award. Pacific Seabird Group Conference, 2018, 2017
  • Student Travel Award. Pacific Seabird Group Conference, 2018
  • G. Vlad Presentation Award. Department of Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba, 2018
  • Manitoba Graduate Scholarship. University of Manitoba, present
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship. University of Manitoba, declined
  • International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship. University of Manitoba, present
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