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Internship Opportunities
First-hand Experience in Innovative Wildlife Research
A group of interns working at River Point Conservation Area.

First-hand Experience in Innovative Wildlife Research

BRI offers internship opportunities to both students and educators. These internships take a variety of forms and may occur throughout the year. The mission of our intern program is to introduce participants to three key components of BRI’s mission—research, collaboration, and outreach. Our internships are offered in the spirit of mentorship, education, and investigation.

Intern Coordinator: Patrick Keenan

Field Biology


Bird Banding Intern, Field Assistant
Migration Monitoring Project, Falmouth, Maine

Labor Category: Volunteer Intern

Classification: Full-time, Temporary/Seasonal

Summary: Intern needed for bird migration banding station in Falmouth, Maine. Banding experience preferred but not required.  Interest in biology, bird migration, and biological field research required.  Duties begin mid-April and continue through mid-August (dates may be flexible) anticipated commitment 32-40 hours per week.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Candidate will assist two bird banders in running banding station in spring 2018 and with MAPS banding and nest box checks during summer. Activities may include:

  • Assist as needed at migration banding station for minimum of six hours per day, weather permitting, during spring season (April 15 – June 7). Duties may include extracting birds from mist nets, banding, identifying, ageing, and sexing birds, note taking, and transporting supplies and equipment to/from the banding station;
  • During summer (June 7-Aug. 15) we conduct mist net surveys about once a week at two sites, check nest boxes, and assist with other field projects and vegetation surveys;
  • Assist as needed in conducting regular visual/aural censuses of birds in the area of the banding station to accompany mist netting data;
  • Cleaning and organization of banding station;
  • Conduct bird banding presentations and act as an educator and naturalist for visitors to the conservation area;
  • Assist with the coordination, scheduling, and education of group visits to the research site;
  • Data entry and management;
  • Contribute to A River Point Almanac Blog series;
  • Assist with end of season reporting; and
  • All other duties as directed or assigned.

This is anticipated as a full time (32-40 hours per week), seasonal position, beginning April 15 and finishing Aug 20 (begin and end dates are flexible). The station will be open for a minimum of six hours per day, 4-5 days per week during spring, beginning at dawn, weather and other factors permitting.  It is at the discretion of the employee to work effectively as conditions dictate. During summer we expect 2 days of banding and two days of conducting nest box surveys with a balance of time for data entry and other tasks as described. Note dates and schedule are flexible but a strong commitment to learning and willingness to contribute to the educational spirit of this project is desired.

Qualifications: Current students or individuals holding a Bachelor’s degree in related field and proven interest in pursuing field biology as a career. Previous mist netting experience is desired but we will teach the right candidate. Valid driver’s license and personal vehicle required.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Must be capable of assisting lead banders in running a banding station, be willing to learn extraction and safe bird handling techniques, and be able and willing to put the well-being of the birds first. Previous mist netting experience is not necessary but a keen interest in birds, ecology and science, education, and conservation, are a plus.  Willingness to contribute to educational and outreach efforts to individuals and groups of varied age and knowledge levels. Ability to work as part of a team. 

Physical Demands: Must be able to carry 50 lbs., walk for several miles per day.

Work Environment: Banding station is located in Falmouth, Maine at River Point Conservation Area. BRI is a nonprofit based in Gorham, Maine whose mission is to assess emerging threats to wildlife and ecosystems through collaborative research, and to use scientific findings to advance environmental awareness and inform decision makers.

Compensation: This is an unpaid internship.

Contact:  Please send a cover letter explaining your specific interests and experiences and a resume to by April 6, 2018.

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