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BRI wildlife research biologists, along with a wide range of collaborating scientists, conduct innovative wildlife science around the globe. Always at the forefront of our work is attention to the care of the wildlife we handle. Here, a biologist measures the beak of a Cooper's Hawk.

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Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI), a nonprofit ecological research group based in Portland, Maine, conducts innovative wildlife science worldwide.

BRI’s Center for Mercury Studies plays a lead scientific role in understanding the exposure and effects of mercury on wildlife in New England, North America, and around the world. The Center for Waterbird Studies is dedicated to assessing current and emerging threats to waterbirds. The programs in our Center for Ecology and Conservation Research aim to understand the workings of wildlife and their habitats while exploring how ecological stressors affect different species and ecosystems.

BRI's researchers are available to talk to journalists and provide expert information on both their work and the broader topics of their expertise. 

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News Release Archive

Mar 20, 2017

BRI Adjunct Biologist Publishes New Book, In Wild Trust

Author, naturalist, and long-standing BRI adjunct-biologist Jeff Fair recently published a new book, In Wild Trust: Larry Aumiller's Thirty Years Among the McNeil River Brown Bears, published by University of Alaska Press.
For thirty years, Larry Aumiller lived in close company with the world’s largest grouping of brown bears, returning by seaplane every spring to the wilderness side of Cook Inlet, two hundred and fifty miles southwest of Anchorage to work as a manager, teacher, guide, and more. Eventually—without the benefit of formal training in wildlife management or ecology—he become one of the world’s leading experts on brown bears, the product of an unprecedented experiment in peaceful coexistence.
This book celebrates Aumiller’s achievement, telling the story of his decades with the bears alongside his own remarkable photographs. As both professional wildlife managers and ordinary citizens alike continue to struggle to bridge the gap between humans and the wild creatures we’ve driven out, In Wild Trust is an inspiring account of what we can achieve.
Jeff will be signing copies of In Wild Trust at the Loon Preservation Committee's Annual Summer Luncheon & Benefit Auction on June 4th in Melvin Village, New Hampshire.
To learn more about Jeff's new book or to purchase In Wild Trust, visit In Wild Trust can also be purchased at Amazon, and through your local independent bookstore. 

Left: In Wild Trust, by Jeff Fair. Right: A visitor at McNeil River Falls photographs foraging brown bears. © Jeff Fair
Photo Credits: Cooper's Hawk © BRI-Rick Gray
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