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Biodiversity Research Institute
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Tracking Common Eider Brood Survival in Casco Bay, Maine
Restoring Common Loon Breeding Populations across the United States
Linking Wintering Seabird Populations With Their Breeding Areas
Defining Demographics for Multiple Loon Species
Monitoring Shorebird Movements
Tracking Loons across North America
Photo Credits: Gallery: Common Eider © Chris Dwyer; Loon on nest © Daniel Poleschook; Northern Gannet © BRI-Jonathan Fiely; Loon and chick © Daniel Poleschook; Semipalmated Plover © BRI-Iain Stenhouse; Loon in flight © Daniel Poleschook; Tiles: Scientific Research © BRI; Restore the Call © Daniel Poleschook; Top News and Events © Jon Winslow
Biodiversity Research Institute