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Wildlife Research and Field Biologist
William Hanson, B.S.
Bill brings many skills to BRI including climbing 100-foot tall trees to band juvenile Bald Eagles.

William Hanson, B.S.

Wildlife Ecologist


Bill joined BRI in 2013 following a 33-year career as a biologist with the power industry. During that time the majority of Bill’s work focused on fisheries and wildlife studies at hydropower projects. 

Bill has worked with BRI on multiple research projects since 1996. His experience includes: FERC relicensing of hydropower projects; environmental impact studies; Common Loon and Bald Eagle ecology studies; capture, banding, and contaminates sampling; radio telemetry studies of fish, furbearers and wood turtles; satellite telemetry on eagles and loons; wetland assessments; and water quality evaluations.


  • B.S., University of Maine, Orono, 1980

Research Interests

  • Wildlife and fisheries conservation
  • Radio and satellite telemetry
  • Contaminant accumulation and impacts

Journal Articles


Research Reports

  • DeSorbo, C. R., C. S. Todd, S.E. Mierzykowski, D. C. Evers and W. Hanson. 2009. Assesmant of mercury in Maine’s interior bald eagle population. USFWS. Spec. Proj. Rep. FY07-MEFO-3-EC. Maine Field Office. Old Town, ME. 42pp.


  • C. R. Desorbo, C. S. Todd, S. E. Mierzykowski, W. Hanson, R. Gray, L. Welsh, J. L. Atwood and D. C. Evers. Exposure patterns and impacts of methylmercury on Bald Eagles in maine. 1st North American Congress for Conservation Biology. July 16-18, Oakland, CA. (2012 poster)
  • S. E. Mierzykowski, C. S. Todd, C. Martin, C. R. DeSorbo and W. Hanson. 2011. Environmental Contaminants in Bald Eagle Eggs from New Hampshire and Maine. 67th Annual Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference, April 17-19, Manchester, NH. 2011 (poster).
  • C. DeSorbo, C. S. Todd, S. E. Mierzykowski, W. Hanson, and D. C. Evers. 2010. Spatial and habitat-based patterns of mercury exposure in bald eagles in interior Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. 66th Annual Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference, April 25-27, Newton, MA. (2010) presentation)
  • C.R. DeSorbo, C. S. Todd, D. C. Evers, S. E. Mierzykowski, W. Hanson, W. W. Bowerman, C. Romanek, R. Taylor. 2006 Evaluating exposure of Maine’s Bald Eagle population to Mercury: assessing impacts on productivity and spatial exposure patterns. 27th Annual Meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Quebec, Canada, Nov. 5-9, 2006 (presentation)
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